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Carib Beer XI vs Bank of England All Stars - June 12th 2008

For our second game of the season, we were to face the variable talents of the Bank of England Allstars, a motley collection of work colleagues and Ringers, most of whom seem confused as to why they were there, having obviously been told in advance that there was plenty of drinking on offer and confused as to their true purpose on the field of play. However, the games are always enjoyable, although the quality of teams fielded by the Bank can vary between a team of Aussie like power hitters and the St. Winifreds Girls School Choir. Prior to the match, the scoreline read 2 games to 1 in favour of the Bank so the Caribs were out for a win and the last minute cancellations and drop outs of Bank players, which allowed us to lend them our most useless ringers (no offence chaps), further assisted our chances of victory.

However, among their ranks were some familiar names, all round Mr Sportiness, hard hitting batsman and useful bowler, James Lamyman, instinctive bouncer bowler and occassional Carib Ringer Jarod Worthy, twirly floppy hatted village green tweaker Rob Bailey and trusty fine leg fielders Robin Tanner and Andy Moss, and we fully expected that we'd have to play well to secure a victory.

For the Caribs, we welcomed the return of ageing fast / medium opening bowler, Carib Rogerson, with, by all accounts, something to prove to maintain his tenuous hold on the opening bowling slot with young pretender, Ringer Uttam, snapping at his heals. However, we were without much improved middle order bludgeoner Mr Gooch, the somewhat less improved late order nurdler Rich Harris and newly Aryanised Phil Cordey.

Although it's not clear whether there was indeed a toss, it was agreed that the Bank would bat first and ex Carib Ringer Guy (taking a day off from his job as the mayor of London) opened the batting with Boe Tanner. Carib Willis was thrown the new ball and elected to bowl with the wind and downhill, leaving fading opening bowler Carib Rogerson to take the second over into the wind. Initially, the Bank progressed nicely against some inconsistent bowling, failing to lose a wicket for a full four overs. However, it wasn't long before Boe Tanner's stumps had been flattened by first change bowler Carib White.

This brought all round sportsman Boe Lamyman to the crease, and with his proven ability to score a quickfire 25, someone we knew we'd have to dismiss quickly. However, this time round, we were to witness Boe Lamyman flailing his bat around apparently under attack from some huge but invisible wasp and missing almost everything thrown at him. Obviously leaving work early to catch some of the "football" in the pub prior to the game is not something to be recommended. In the event, his painful vigil was brought to a not too premature end by the accurate bowling of our Captain, Team Manager and leader Martin Haigh for a disappointing duck.

Jarod Worthy, another Boe player whose ownership of whites and a bat suggests somewhat more talent than was in evidence on the day, only managed a lone single before being sent back to the hutch by the disciplined Carib attack. Floppy hatted slow bowler Rob Bailey managed a measly 2, doughty cider drinking wicket keeper Boe Palmer hung around for a hard fought 3, but by this time, the Bank's innings was in dissarray, as they lost wickets steadily. Carib Turner's two overs were both wicket maidens, and Ringer Tungate, playing his first game in over ten years, managed two wickets for a single run from his. In the event, the Bank's innings had fizzled out and in the sixteenth over, came to an end completely for the very modest score of 37, surely a score that wouldn't unduly trouble the Carib top order.

Caribs Berry and Bowen were given the job of beginning our reply. In the event, it was another inspired decision by our leader and captain Martin Haigh. Against the opening bowling partnership of short pitched bouncer bowling Boe Jarod and the (allegedly) somewhat tipsy Boe Lamyman, they both progressed slowly but confidently, knocking off the odd single here and there, tyring the two medium pacers and edging towards victory. By the time the first wicket fell, we had pushed on to 21 and although both openers were to fall short of our target, along with Carib White, Carib Rogerson and Young Pretender Ringer Uttam were able to steer us home without too many problems for 3 wickets in only the ninth over.

Carib Beer XI win by 7 Wickets

With so much time left in the evening, we decided that we'd continue with a ten overs a side match. As the Bank was in the field and with two Carib batsmen at the crease, we'd continue from there, albeit with the scores reset to zero. So, on that basis, the second game of the day began with Carib Rogerson and Ringer Uttam opening the batting for the Carib Beer XI.

This time Bouncer Bowling Boe Jarod opened the bowling, and immediately, it began to unravel. Balls 2 and 3 both went over the ropes for four byes. Ringer Uttam did his best to push the score along, smashing ball five for four, but fell to the sixth after a fine catch, however, by the end of the over, the Caribs were already on 15 and motoring. Carib Rogerson was joined at the crease by Carib Turner and the two set about pushing the Boe bowling around the park for the next few overs. Carib Rogerson was eventually out for 12 (to a reasonably good catch by rival Jarod Worthy) and Carib Turner for 13 and although the middle order stumbled somewhat, it was to get underway again with the arrival at the crease of our captain, best batsman and leader Martin Haigh, who proceeded to smash a quickfire 17 before being forced to retire. Ringer Tungate, for his second visit to the crease, this time managed a useful 12 as amazingly, the Carib scorecard passed 90 in our 10 overs. Boe Moss's solitary over was pummeled for 18 and Boe Tanner's for 11, although newly sober Boe Lamyman did this time succeed in picking up two wickets. However, poor old Boe Jarod's second over was again miserable, seeing two smashed fours and a desperate four wides, leaving his morale crushed and the Caribs, with a score that we would usually be happy with from twenty overs.

The Bank then began their second innings without a great deal of expectation of pulling off an unlikely victory. The first over was taken by Ringer Uttam, who generated some pacey, if somewhat erratic bowling, with the second over taken by reliable line and length bowler Carib White. Carib Rogerson was brought on for the third over against his unfortunate rival Boe Jarod. However, on this occasion, the aging bowler was able to produce a blindingly straight delivery that struck Boe Worthy's pads, and just kept going, smashing into his stumps and sending the now utterly demoralised bouncer bowler back to the pavilion and completing his humiliation. His subsequent surrender of the captaincy position testament to his complete and utter failure in the role.

However, the Bank was not yet finished. Floppy hatted twirler Rob Bailey managed a spirited nine, with the obviously hungover Boe Lamyman a painful four. Boe Fuller managed to scrape a useful eight and Ringer Marcus another useful 8 not out, but the ten overs had completed in quick time, with the Bank again, only able to post 38, allowing the Caribs to secure another convincing victory over their hapless opponents. On completion of the usual rounds of "I can't take the bags this week" excuses, we headed off to the pub for some (additional) refreshments and to complete Mr Worthy's humiliation. All in all, a very enjoyable day, after all, it's not often that you win more games in a single evening than you do in a whole year (see 2007 season).

Carib Beer XI win by 53 Runs

Ringer Guy Bowling
Mr Willis enjoying some mid pitch refreshment
Carib Peter, chasing a wide one
Carib Peter hitting Jarod Worthy to leg
Boe Jarod Worthy bowling one of his customary bouncers
Carib Rogerson attempts to hit out
Carib Rogerson watches another wide
Ringer Uttam in full flow
Boe Jarod Worthy bowls another bouncer
Carib Barry relaxes at the boundary edge
Boe Fuller lobbing one down
Carib Turner hits out as the Caribs post a score


Game One (20 overs per side)

Bank of England      
Guy Run Out 11
Robin Tanner   Bowled White 5
James Lamyman   Bowled Haigh 0
Jarod Worthy (cptn) Caught ? Bowled Weaver 1
Rob Bailey Caught ? Bowled Turner 2
Kieron Palmer (wk)   Bowled Turner 3
Andy Moss Caught ? Bowled Tungate 0
Ringer Peter   Bowled Willis 4
Richard Fuller   Bowled Tungate 2
Ringer Marcus   Bowled Willis 0
Ringer Peter X2 Not Out 0
EXTRAS     9
TOTAL   For 10 (15.1 overs) 37
Willis 3.1-0-15-2 Rogerson 2-0-8-0
White 2-0-2-2 Haigh 2-0-3-1
Weaver 2-0-7-1 Turner 2-0-0-2
Tungate 2-0-1-2
Carib Beer XI      
Berry Bowled Guy 9
Bowen (wkt) Bowled Bailey 10
Rob White   Bowled Guy 2
Ringer Uttam Not Out 6
Rogerson Not Out 2
EXTRAS     9
TOTAL   For 2 (8.4 Overs) 38
Jarod Worthy 2-0-5-0 James Lamyman 2-0-4-0
Guy 2-0-11-2 Robin Tanner 1-0-6-0
Rob Bailey 1-0-6-1 Ringer Marcus 0.4-0-2-0

Game Two (10 overs per side)

Carib Beer XI
Peter Rogerson Caught Worthy Bowled French 12
Ringer Uttam Caught Guy Bowled Worthy 6
Steve Turner Caught and Bowled Lamyman 13
Ringer Tungate Caught Palmer Bowled Lamyman 0
Andy Weaver Run Out 2
Barry Willis Caught Palmer Bowled Marcus 7
Martin Haigh Not Out (retired) 17
Gordon Berry Not Out 2
Ringer Tungate (x2) Not Out 12
EXTRAS     20
TOTAL   For 6 (10 overs) 91
Worthy 2-0-22-1 Richard Fuller 1-0-8-0
Robin Tanner 1-0-11-0 James Lamyman 1-0-6-2
French 1-0-2-1 Guy 1-0-4-0
Rob Bailey 1-0-5-0 Andy Moss 1-0-18-0
Marcus 1-0-3-1    
Bank of England      
Ringer Guy LBW White 0
Robin Tanner Run Out 0
Rob Bailey   Bowled Tungate 9
Kieron Palmer   Bowled Willis 1
James Lamyman   Bowled Turner 4
Richard Fuller Caught ? Bowled Uttam 8
Ringer Marcus Not Out 8
EXTRAS     8
TOTAL   For 7 (10 Overs) 38
Uttam 2-0-2-1 White 2-0-13-1
Rogerson 1-0-0-1 Willis 1-0-4-1
Weaver 1-0-8-0 Turner 1-0-3-1
Tungate 1-0-2-1 Haigh 1-0-2-0