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  Where it all started -   The 2nd Test match,   Port of Spain, Trinidad   March 2004, where the   Carib Beer XI was born

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Northern Trust vs Carib Beer XI,

Greenwich Park, Wednesday 22nd June 2022

Despite a week of travel disruption, the return fixture against Northern Trust (following a narrow win for us last week) was able to go ahead with pretty much full teams. No doubt Martin's schmoozing of RMT's Mick Lynch at the opera or ballet paid off with this concession to our schedule! On a gloriously sunny evening the Caribs were invited to bat first on what looked an excellent wicket.

Opener Rishi took a leaf out of the Roy/Buttler textbook and rattled to 25 not out in no time. Carib Weaver preferred to use Dom Sibley as his role model, reaching 12 before NT Niraj fizzed one into his stumps. Ringer Chad couldn't quite get his eye in, then Carib Holmes and Ringer Yusuf ticked things along nicely for a few overs. Carib Haigh came in to anchor the final stages of the innings with Carib Moss and Ringer Mateen, and a solid-if-not-daunting total of 109 was posted. The NT bowling attack had not provided much respite, although with wides scoring 2 runs per ball made a respectable contribution.

The Carib attack of Swanand and Ringer Yusuf started well, including a wicket maiden when Carib Weaver held on to a faint snick from Yusuf. A useful NT batting line-up didn't take long to get stuck in and, including using the controversial first ball free hit, struck a number of meaty boundaries. A combination of batsmen missing straight ones and two stonking catches from Carib Horn kept some pressure up, even as the runs flowed. However NT batted deep and in the end reached the target with more than 5 overs to spare.

Carib Beer XI Lose by 4 Wickets


Carib Beer XI      
Rishi Banarjee   not out 25 (16)
Andy Weaver   B Niraj 12 (24)
Chad   B Niraj 2 (10)
Alex Holmes   B Samav 8 (16)
Yusuf C Malik B Samav 14 (12)
Martin Haigh   not out 13 (10)
Andy Moss   B Adam 2 (10)
Mateen   not out 2 (5)
Tom Horn      
Swanand Kant      
Gordon Berry      
EXTRAS   7b 0lb 0nb 27w 31
TOTAL   (20 Overs) 109-5
Arun 2-0-13-0 Sunil 2-0-15-0
Scott 2-0-5-0 Phil 2-0-14-0
Barry 2-0-8-0 Niraj 3-0-15-2
Malik 2-0-12-0 Samav 3-0-13-2
Adam 2-0-9-1    
Northern Trust      
Sunil   B Chad 5
Ben C Weaver B Yusuf 0
Annosh   B Yusuf 11
Adam   B Haigh 14
Malik C Horn B Yusuf 21
Niraj C Horn B Chad 3
Samav   not out 24
Phil   not out 7
EXTRAS   8b 0lb 0nb 20w 28
TOTAL   (14.3 Overs) 113-6
Kant 4-0-39-0 Yusuf 3.3-1-18-3
Chad 4-0-23-2 Haigh 3-0-18-1