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Carib Beer XI vs RSSB - July 24th 2008

(By deputy guest match reporter Barry Wilis)

It was the first time that the Carib had played the RSSB and the early signs were not good as RSSB arrived in team shirts. In addition they had 11 players, 3 spectators and opposition captain Johnson provided a team sheet containing all of his bowling changes.

The Carib were not so organised. It was 6pm, time for the start and 4 Carib players had arrived. We had no captain (yet) and worse, only one set of stumps. The 4 had all remembered beer.

The Carib Beer XI were actually only fielding IX players for the match with Carib Turner and "would be ringer" Bailey dropping out sick on the day of the match. There was still not sign of Carib Harris who is still being forced to work in Manchester against his will. It seems to be further indication of the growing slave trade in that region. Carib Cordey is still absent, living in Germany and has recently had his second child. His wife was unable to make it across the border before the birth, so our thoughts are with the Cordey family. Caribs Berry and Rogerson were absent on holiday duties, the latter was on a tour of Italy hunting for Salami.

As the players slowly arrived we were still waiting on Carib Weaver and the second set of stumps. However, both teams agreed that we should get underway with the Carib batting first.

In the first over, with the score at 2-0, Mr Haigh failed to get forward to a full delivery & was bowled middle stump. He became the first Carib player to be bowled before the full quota of stumps had arrived.

Carib Bowen fell shortly after before Ringer Tungate was adjudged caught behind after one flicked off the top of his arm. This poor decision left the Caribs 6-3 and the talk at the boundary was all about getting to 70 runs and avoiding humiliation.

Thankfully, Ringer Uttam and Carib Weaver (who arrived with the remaining stumps and bats without holes) put together an excellent 37 for the fourth wicket. Uttams dismissal brought Carib Willis to the crease for a splendid vice captains innings of 4, which included the best cover drive ever hit by a Carib. The technique would have gained respect from an in form Michael Vaughan. Unfortunately for Mr Willis, it went straight to the fielder and scored one.

Batsman White, ringer Belal and Carib Gooch came and went before Mr Weaver retired on 25. Messrs Tungate and Haigh came out to bat again as 10 & 11 and finished the innings in style. However, Mr Haighs wicket fell in the final delivery of the innings, making him the Carib captain to have ever been out twice in an innings. The gutsy batting had pulled Carib through to a competitive 97.

Bowlers Uttam & White opened the bowling for the Carib. Mr Uttam was an unlikely target for the opening batsmen who had began like they required 198 to win. Mr White quickly removed apparant dangerman Smith with a brilliant running catch from Ringer Tungate.

However, the early onslaught continued and with the score at 31-1 after 4 overs, Mr Haigh sensibly decided to bring Mr Willis and Mr Tungate into the attack. Mr Willis added the control and thoughtful cricket which had earlier been missing and completely perplexed batsman Weltz with an excellent quicker delivery, almost snapping his middle stump in the process. Mr Willis figures of 9-1 were only weakened when opposition jammy git, Parry-Jones fluked a top edge for 6. At the other end, Mr Tungate was benefitting from this tight bowling and promptly removed most of the middle order with a brilliant bowling display, eventually finishing with 4 wickets for 12.

A breathtaking 2-3 from Ringer Belal (which pushed Carib Rogerson an extra place down the bowling speeds list) swung the game fully in the Caribs favour.

As per usual, Captain Haigh brought himself into the attack to bowl against number 11, but on this occasion was unable to remove the walking wicket to improve his average. Mr Weaver took that honour, which gave the Carib an unlikely, but fine, victory.

The man of the match was awarded to Mr Tungate. His swashbuckling innings of 18 was followed up by the catch of possibly the best RSSB batsman, before he took 4-12. Carib Weaver and Ringer Uttam should also get a mention for their match saving partnership and also Uttams fine catching in the outfield. From any reporters perspective, it was clear that Mr Willis had been the inspiration for the victory, but if he was given the man of the match for a weaker performance by his own standards, he would receive it every week.

Carib Beer XI Win by 39 Runs

Andy Weaver being beaten for pace, probably
A Local, kite skating, yesterday
A local, falling off his kite skating board
Ringer Tungate, a proper batsmen with a proper stance
Ringer Tungate with an almost straight bat
Tour Manager Andy Weaver takes guard
Tour Manager Andy Weaver prepares to face
Another RSSB Bowler, while Uttam watches
Opposition Bowler. Ringer Uttam looks on
The assembled crowd on the grassy banks
The ranks of the Carib Beer XI
Barry, misses one while practicing
Martin Haigh, apparently missing one
Barry Willis berates himself for not taking the second run
Barry Willis prepares to hit out
Carib White prepares to strike a throw down
Carib White practicing prior to playing properly out in the middle Barry Willis, out, probably The assembled crowds enjoying themselves on the Nursery ground Martin Haigh preparing to face another delivery
Mr Gooch digging out a yorker
Martin Haigh on drives
RSSB Bowler in action
Martin Haigh, considering a second run
Martin Haigh cover driving
Martin Haigh, watching the ball
Opposition Batsman strides out to face the Caribs


Carib Beer XI      
Martin Haigh Bowled Johnson 1 (3)
Andy Bowen Caught ? Bowled Duggan 1 (4)
Ringer Uttam Caught ? Bowled Harrison 20 (26)
Ringer Tungate Caught ? Bowled Johnson 0 (5)
Andy Weaver Not Out 25 (31)
Barry Willis Bowled Harrison 4 (9)
Rob White Bowled Harrison 5 (7)
Ringer Belal Run Out 2 (2)
Mr Gooch Bowled Harrison 1 (2)
Ringer Tungate Not Out 19 (15)
Martin Haigh Bowled Smith 8 (14)
EXTRAS     ?
TOTAL   For 8 (20 overs) 97
Johnson 4-0-16-2 Duggan 2-0-11-1
Seward 3-0-18-0 McGuire 3-0-12-0
Harrison 3-0-16-4 Taylor 3-0-13-0
Smith 2-0-11-1
Smith Caught ? Bowled White 10
Parry-Jammy-Jones Bowled Belal 19
Weltz Bowled Barry Willis 10
Zizer Run Out 0
Tucker Bowled Ringer Tungate 2
Johnson Caught ? Bowled Ringer Tungate 4
Duggan Caught & Bowled Belal 0
Seward Bowled Ringer Tungate 2
Harrison Bowled Ringer Tungate 0
McGuire Caught ? Bowled Weaver 1
Taylor Not Out 2
EXTRAS     11
TOTAL   For 9 (13.2 Overs) 58
Ringer Uttam 2-0-11-0 Rob White 2-0-16-1
Barry Willis 2-0-9-1 Ringer Tungate 4-1-12-4
Ringer Belal 2-1-2-3 Martin Haigh 1-0-2-0
Andy Weaver 0.2-0-0-1