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Carib Beer XI vs Shell - June 26th 2008

By Guest Match Reporter Steve Turner

The Carib's latest match was against Shell and the team was hoping to put in a performance befitting of their splendid new team shirts which they were donning for the first time. As usual, the toss was duly lost and the Shell team, playing their first game of the season, chose to bat first with opener and one time Carib ringer Melling soon helping himself to some batting practice.

In fact, three of the first four Shell batsmen have had the dubious honour and privilege of representing the Caribs at one time or another and their inside knowledge of our bowling attack was obviously put to good use as their team built up a formidable score. This was despite the fairly regular fall of wickets and hard battling from the Carib team, exemplified by Carib treasurer Gordon putting his body (or at least his ankle) on the line. Our vastly improving batsman used his foot to stop a fast moving drive heading towards the boundary, presumably forgetting he was allowed to use his hands, in a manner reminiscent or maybe even in tribute of ongoing absentee Mr Gooch.

Captain Haigh was the first bowler to strike after an opening partnership of 48 and bowlers Carib Turner (unusually playing against the team he had organised), Jarod Worthy and ringer Edwards also took wickets in the middle of the innings. The second of ringer Edwards's dismissals reads caught Haigh on the scorecard but unfortunately this does nothing to describe the splendour of the diving catch taken by our captain taken without any thought of the risk to his sharply pressed flannels and new team shirt.

Unfortunately, the opposition had a rather powerful sting in it's tale in the form of Shell number eight Kakar. He struck two large sixes in his nine ball 21, including one that must take the honour as the best attempt so far in a Carib match to land a ball in the zoo and disturb the local lions. The Shell team finished on 151 for 9 off of their 20 overs.

In reply, openers Carib Willis and Ringer Moss got the Caribs off to a slow start. In fact, "slow" is probably being a bit generous and "excruciating" would probably be a more apt description. Ringer Moss in particular was obviously enjoying his time in the limelight but presumably the new white shirts had confused him into believing that this was a test match rather than a 20-20. Carib Willis was the first wicket to fall, given out LBW to his nemesis - not as you might suspect, one of the opposition's bowlers, but fellow teammate ringer Uttam acting as umpire. Carib Willis was heard on the boundary to angrily describe his dismissal as "nuts before wicket" and the dubious nature of the decision was certainly similar to one he made himself on ringer Uttam the previous week.

Captain Haigh was next in and suffered the ignominy of his first duck of the season before most improved batsman Gordon and Carib Turner added some stability and respectability to the innings. Eventually the team reached a respectable 101 for 5, but a loss by 50 runs was not the desired result!

Carib Beer XI Lose by 50 Runs

Ringer Phil bowling, Matrix Style.
Andy Moss, amazingly, on his way to a not out score of 25
Andy Moss, again, probably scoring some runs
Carib Barry Willis stands, poised, to miss the ball
More shots of Andy Moss's magnificant not out innings
Maybe again, even connecting with one
Barry Willis, probably missing another one
A wicket-keeper, yesterday.
Barry Willis handing his bat over to someone who, hopefully, knows which end is which
Carib Willis, out, again.
Ringer Uttam, presiding
Nurdler in chief, Carib Berry, preparing to nurdle one
Ringer Jarrod Worthy, planning his next bouncer from behind the stumps
Carib Member Steve Turner.
Nurdler in chief, Carib Berry, hits out
Carib Steve Turner on driving
Carib Member Steve Turner preparing to sweep
Ringer Uttam prepares to dance down the pitch
Ringer Moss at the end of his marathon innings
Ringer Jarrod Worthy, amusing himself by holding his cricket bat and thrusting out his chest, for some as yet unknown reason



Shell Shipping      
P. Melling Caught Willis Bowled Haigh 28
T. Wynne Bowled Haigh 17
P. French lbw Bowled Worthy 1
G. Butler Caught Bowen Bowled Turner 13
S. Bowditch Not out 28
L. Prasad Bowled Edwards 1
B. Bhatia Caught Haigh Bowled Edwards 12
B. Kakar Not out 21
D. Gowns Caught ? Bowled Worthy 0
A. Greaves Bowled Haigh 0
A. Singh Run out 11
EXTRAS     19
TOTAL   For 7 wickets (15 overs) 151
Uttam 4-0-14-0 Quentin Edwards 4-0-29-2
Steve Turner 4-0-30-1 Jarod Worthy 4-0-27-2
Martin Haigh 4-0-41-3    
Carib Beer XI      
Andy Moss Not Out 25
Barry Willis LBW Bowled Melling 4
Martin Haigh Caught Melling Bowled Singh 0
Gordon Berry Bowled Prasad 10
Steve Turner Not Out 18
Uttam Caught Singh Bowled Prasad 4
Jarod Worthy Caught Bhatia Bowled French 4
Quentin Edwards Not Out 4
Andrew Bowen DNB
EXTRAS     32
TOTAL   For 5 wickets (15 Overs) 101
Wynne 2-0-6-0 Melling 2-0-8-1
Singh 3-0-9-1 Bowditch 2-1-2-0
Kakar 2-0-15-0 Butler 2-0-11-0
Bhatia 2-0-11-0 Prasad 2-0-10-2
French 2-0-16-1 Greaves 1-0-2-0