Carib Beer XI v IBM (BD Originals) - Wednesday 27th May 2015 - Fishponds, Tooting.

Our second outing of the season was in deepest South London, at Fishponds, in Tooting Bec. Our opposition this time would be the boys (and girl) from IBM, a team we have had mixed success against in the past, with some losses and the occasional win. They are a team of mixed abilities, a bit like our own Carib team, with a few useful players and a smattering of ringers thrown in for good measure. If we can dismiss their good batsmen quickly and blunt their best bowlers, we’re in with a chance, but if we let them get away, are often staring down the barrel of a sound defeat. As it was, they were only able to muster 8 players, and seemed to be missing some of the more familiar faces, however, they seemed a chirpy bunch and a good natured clash seemed on the cards, if we could get the game underway in time. Being at the end of the Northern Line meant that the ranks of both teams were slow to fill, and it wasn’t until around 6.30 that enough bodies were present that our Captain, and leader, Martin Haigh, felt confident enough to begin discussions with his opposite number. It’s not clear that a toss actually took place, as it seemed more like a gentlemen’s agreement that we should field first, while they awaited the remainder of their team, who could be quickly padded up and sent in to bat as and when they arrived.

The Caribs, therefore, took to the field to plan our assault. We were without the comically hopeless long hops of the now totally bereft of confidence mid pitch bouncer bowling Worthy, at home nursing his battered pride after last week’s less than successful bowling attempts. Carib Willis still felt that the balmy 20 degree temperatures were too cold for his sensitive constitution, and refused to attend, and Carib Cordey, the Carib’s northern bakery magnate’s, whereabouts are still a mystery. We were, however, thankful to be able to welcome back to the fold our inspirational leader, and Chairman, Martin Haigh to his rightful position as team captain, given the sorry loss we had experienced the previous week under his stand-in, Vice-Captain Rogerson, who surely wasn’t the only person welcoming his return.

Given the late start, Martin had agreed with the opposition that we would still play 20 overs, but that wides & no-balls would not be retaken, but would result in 2 runs going to the opposition instead. So it was in the knowledge that he wouldn’t have to bowl any overs containing more than six deliveries, that our old medium pacer, Carib Rogerson, agreed to bowl the first over, still sadly lacking in confidence from a dreadful showing the previous week. The second over would be taken by Ravi, a friend of our chief nurdler, and statistician, Carib Berry.

The old Carib’s first over wasn’t too bad, but the 3 balls sliding down leg side probably contributed to it being recorded as a maiden. Ravi’s first over betrayed his rustiness, going for 11, including 3 wides and a dreadful head height no-ball, but there were certainly signs of some previous cricket under his belt. The two IBM openers began with some circumspection, however, perhaps aware of the lack of replacements on the boundary should they get out, and, wides and no-balls not .....

Scorecard - Match Tied

Brocklehurst   Bowled Rogerson 0
Whitcombe   Bowled Weaver 23
Atterbury Caught & Bowled Berry 15
Sach   Not out 29
Woodhead   Not out 29
Wright   Bowled Nag 1
Vannock   Bowled Attota 0
Freeman   Run out 0
A.N.Other   D.N.B  
A.N.Other   D.N.B  
EXTRAS     22
TOTAL   For 6 (20 Overs) 135
Peter Rogerson 4-2-14-1 Ravi Attota 4-0-32-1
Rohit Nag 4-0-5-1 Martin Haigh 2-0-12-0
Gordon Berry 2-0-11-1 Andy Weaver 2-0-21-1
Andy Moss 2-0-29-0    
Carib Beer XI      
Peter Rogerson Caught Sach Bowled Whitcombe 14 (8)
Alex Holmes   Bowled Atterbury 5 (8)
Rohit Nag   Not out 28 (17)
Martin Haigh   Bowled Wright 3 (9)
Andy Weaver   Not out 17 (32)
Andy Moss   Bowled Sach 5 (4)
Ravi Attota   Bowled Whitcombe 7 (14)
Gordon Berry   Bowled Whitcombe 0 (1)
Andy Bowen   D.N.B  
EXTRAS     60
TOTAL   For 6 (20 Overs) 135
Wright 4-0-34-1 Atterbury 3-0-29-1
Woodhead 3-0-12-0 Whitcombe 4-0-19-3
Vannock 1-0-11-0 Sach 4-0-18-1
Brocklehurst 1-0-9-0    

Carib Beer XI Tied the match with IBM