The Trinidad Test
  Where it all started -   The 2nd Test match,   Port of Spain, Trinidad   March 2004, where the   Carib Beer XI was born

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St Peters dad vs Carib Beer XI,

Battersea Park, Thursday 30th June 2022

After much prematch discussion on the best way to get to the Battersea and the new branch of the Northern Line it was the usual state of affairs with Carib skipper Haigh at the ground on his own for 30 minutes until the other Caribs finally started to arrive. The St Peters dad team were keen to get started, perhaps with an eye on the English summer weather and so the toss was dispensed with and the Caribs were sent in. Carib Andys Moss and Weaver were chosen to open for the main reason of actually being present at the ground. Miraculously Carib Moss managed to hit a boundary before normal service was resumed and he was promptly on his way back to the scorers chair. Carib Rishi was next in and began a steady partnership with Carib moneyman Weaver. Unfortunately Rishi had forgotten his cricket footwear and so was in his work shoes. This was to prove costly as Carib Weaver fresh from a light 5k run to the ground called Rishi through for a tight single. A direct hit from the gully area did for Rishi and we were 2 down.

Northern pie-magnate Carib Cordey was next in and soon upped the run rate with some classic Cordey hitting. His brisk innings containing 5 boundaries but unusually no maximums. So Phil was soon retired for 28 off just 16 balls.

Inspirational leader and Carib skipper Carib Haigh was next in. However before the Weaver/Haigh partnership could get going there was a torrential downpour which forced both sides to shelter under the huge Battersea Park trees. After a delay of around 15 minutes the rain has lightened enough for play to resume. Carib Haigh batting in his bright yellow cycling top dazzled the Dad bowlers for one of his customary straight boundaries. However just as Martin was finding his stride he holed out to mid-off.

Whilst all this was happening Carib Weaver was anchoring the innings. Mr Weave had managed to see off one of the dads by giving him a hamstring injury chasing the ball to the boundary and also took one delivery to his face. He bravely carried on and also retired at 25.

This left Carib Horn and Ringer Vishal to hit some quick late runs with some boundaries and sharp running between the wickets taking the Caribs to a good score of 125/3.

Just as the Carib innings finished there was a further 15 minute rain delay. Fortunately this was the last delay of the evening.

Carib Team Secretary Swanand had done a fine job in recruiting ringers and even with some last minute drop outs we still had 12. This meant Ringer Mateen was able to play for the Dads and so a rivalry could develop between him and our opening bowlers.

Carib Swanand took the new ball partnered with Ringer Akansh and it was Aknash who took the opening wicket of his friend Mateen to a fine catch from Ringer Yusuf. Yusuf then came on himself and bowled a superb double wicket maiden including a classic pace bowler dismissal of a thin snick to Carib keeper Bowen and the other being a well taken catch by skipper Martin taken running back from mid-off. Ringer Vishal also dismissed stubborn opener Dad Chris.

Caribs Cordey and Haigh then came into bowl with the Dads struggling at 5 wickets down. However the Caribs were not to have it all their own way and a great partnership between Dads Dan and Neil ensued and the run rate was suddenly well up above the asking rate. It was time for opening bowler Carib Kant to return to try and break the stubborn partnership almost now at the annoyance level of Kiwis Mitchell/Blundell.

Carib Kant was up to the task inducing Dad Dan into an uppish cut into the gulley area. Carib Moss was stationed and there and with no time to think thrust his hands above his head and the ball stuck. Some fine catching all round from the Caribs on the night. However the ground fielding was not as good with quite a few fours scored through the legs of careless fielders.

However with the partnership broken Ringer Yusuf was able to snaffle the wicket of the other set batter Dad Neil and the match was back in the balance. 31 was needed from the final 30 balls. The Dad tail batted admirably up against the strong subcontinent Carib contingent but ultimately the death bowling was to prove too good. Ringers Vishal and Akansh bowled 4 tight overs and the game was won by 4 runs. After 5 straight defeats against the Dads this was now a second straight win for the Carib team in another great match.

Carib Beer XI Win by 4 Runs


Carib Beer XI      
Andy Moss C cover B Johno 6 (7)
Andy Weaver   not out 25 (42)
Rishi   run out 7 (8)
Phil Cordey   not out 28 (16)
Martin Haigh C mid off B George 8 (9)
Tom Horn   not out 13 (17)
Vishal   not out 16 (13)
Andy Bowen      
Swanand Kant      
EXTRAS   2b 2lb 0nb 18w 22
TOTAL   (20 Overs) 125-3
Johno 3-0-13-1 Alex 2-0-9-0
Ben 3-0-14-0 Carl 2-0-18-0
Harry 2-0-18-0 Jeremy 2-0-14-0
Dan 2-0-9-0 George 2-0-14-1
Neil 2-0-8-0    
St Peters dad      
Chris   B Vishal 16
Mateen C Yusuf B Akansh 5
Ben C Bowen B Yusuf 3
Dan C Moss B Kant 21
Jonathan C Haigh B Yusuf 0
Neil   B Yusuf 21
Harry   B Vishal 1
George   not out 12
Jeremy   not out 7
EXTRAS   13b 7lb 0nb 7w 27
TOTAL   (20 Overs) 121-7
Kant 4-0-19-1 Akansh 4-0-15-1
Yusuf 4-1-12-3 Vishal 4-0-25-2
Cordey 2-0-20-0 Haigh 2-0-13-0